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About Us

Swallowtail Productions was started by Roco and Stank,

two veteran furry artists in the vore community. The company is currently a publishing company dedicated to offering the vore community more of what it wants, and allowing artists to get their names known and getting paid for their work!

In the future, if our company proves successful, our themes and goals will expand to other types of magazines as well as merchandising, games, and other avenues. But for now we will be primarily focused on offering vore related art and content.

In order for  us to exist though, in order for us to expand, we will need your support. 

Help us by spreading the word! 

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated as well (we will open a forum for such topics but for now you can write us at: [email protected] )

If you find in your kind heart to donate to us, we'll be forever grateful, and this will allow not only the artists to get paid more, but allow us to offer you more and better content!

To Donate click the button bellow

Please let us know who you are and any personal profile page you'd like to be referred to. We'll happily add your information to a future magazine in the special thanks area.