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'Round Campus: The Last Pantry Raid


Written & drawn by Stank the Skunk.

This is it! The big, round, writhing finale is finally here! Whether you're already familiar with the world of 'Round Campus or brand new to the hunting grounds of Rothsmund University, this self-contained story brings everything to a close in a gluttonous spectacle full of action and suspense (and students)!

Penny's freshman year is off to a rough start... the courses are killer, friends are hard to find, and the guy she has a lunch date with was just skunknapped by the ravenous Pi Ph Chi sorority! And if that weren't bad enough, tonight just happens to be the night of the Nu Lambda Chi fraternity's pantry raid! With the help of (what's left of) the Young Defenders, can Penny successfully dodge the advances of hungry Nuckleheads and infiltrate the dark bowels of the ominous Tri-I House to rescue her skunk, or will this foolhardy mission end with her bright future flushed down the toilet?

Featuring 24 fully-colored, fully-shaded pages of cartoon-inspired comedic action guaranteed to satiate even the biggest bellies 'round campus.

-Cartoon Peril
-Oral Vore
-Fatal Encounters
-Drug Use
-Digestion (Implied)

-You must be 18+ years of age to purchase this product.
-All characters are of mature and consenting age.
-Characters featured are created and owned by Humbug the Rat and Stank the Skunk.
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-The contents of this comic are not for resale or redistribution without permission from its creator, Stank the Skunk.

-Comic contains 24 full-color pages, a cover and back cover, an interior cover, and a final word from the author. Total Page Count: 28
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