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Tastes of Summer

$10.00 - On Sale

The season of Summer, a time of barbeques, beaches, bemusing waterparks, beguiling camping experiences, boisterous pool parties; but most of all, showing off bounteous bodies big and small, you're sure to forge memories that will last a lifetime!

With countless corpulent gluttons to spend the summer with (perhaps for even longer~); strutting their curves on display, it's sure to be a memorable experience. Spend some time enjoying the sights of big bellied Pokémon as they indulge in their own ravenous hunger, perhaps even getting intimate with their curvaceous jiggling bods! Hear the sweet songs of their glutty guts as they churn multifarious cuisine, cuties, and more away! Just be warned, you might wind up a part of their beach body physique!

This pack includes 40+ images of stuffed up bellies full of yummy eats and peeps spread across pictures, sequences, comics, as well as including 2 written stories! All of us sincerely hope you enjoy it~!

**Content Warning**

Soft Oral Vore and pokemon is the main theme of this artpack. Predominantly female predators and oral vore. But, expect a wide variety of content including:

> Female and Male Predators
> Oral vore
> Some Cock Vore and Anal Vore
> Hyper
> Bulging
> Consensual & NonCon scenarios
> Digestion (implied and shown)
> Internals
> Stuffing
> Bondage
> Pica
> Fat
> Macro/Micro



This can be hard to tell with pokemon, but no age is explicitly mentioned or used as a theme in any of the images. It can be assumed all characters are of legal and consenting age, despite many having small body types or may have follow-up evolutions.



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***Legal Info***

All art created for this artpack and advertisement is copyright © 2021 to the following artists:

Roco Vailo

This artpack is a pornographic parody of Pokémon species and themes.
Pokémon is owned by Nintendo and Game Freak.
Please support the official sources.
This artwork is protected by "Fair Use" and is considered Parody and unique Derivative work.
All Rights Reserved.
Do NOT redistribute or Resale.

You must be 18+ years of age to purchase this product.

Thank you for your purchase and support~!


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