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CVD Volume 3: Boté Balls

$18.00 - On Sale

The CVD is back, and this time, it's bigger and bulgier than ever!!

The CVD (Cock Vore Disk) is a pornographic artpack series made by


roco avatar

This 3rd volume, Boté Balls, is themed around, you guessed it, Pokémon! Can you name them all? There's over 100 unique mons used. Some mons are small, some are big, but they all have thick and girthy special moves~.

Sloshed across 30+ different cock-vore themed illustrations, comics pages, sequences, and massive 16+ character vorgies. Every image lovingly crafted with full color, shading, and backgrounds.

But wait... Who's that artist!?

It's... Senbiku!

senbiku avatar

That's right, it's not just Roco. This time, he's teaming up with Senbiku to double the fun!

With the double team action, you can expect plenty of sac churning goodness and variety. Including a couple collaborative images the two artists worked on together!

This artpack was a long time cuming, but Roco and Senbiku hope you'll love it!

**Content Warning**

Cock Vore is the main theme in all the images, but you can also find more... calcium rich variants . Images that contain bones and other such extreme subjects are regulated to their own folders while the less extreme alternatives will be in the main folder. Every image should be clearly marked in the title.

In addition, there are a handful of other fetishes on display! Including, but not limited to:

> Male on Male (mostly)
> Some Female interactions
> Hyper
> Bulging
> All-The-Way-Through
> Macro/Micro
> Consensual & NonCon scenarios
> Digestion (implied and shown)
> Paws
> Incest



This can be hard to tell with pokemon, but no age is explicitly mentioned or used as a theme in any of the images. It can be assumed all characters are of legal and consenting age, despite many having small body types or may have follow-up evolutions.



This is called the Cock Vore Disk series due to the first one being sold on CDs but there is no disk associated with the release of Vol 3. As such, it's digital download only and you will NOT be shipped any materials.

***Legal Info***

All art created for this artpack and advertisement is copyright © to Roco Vailo and/or Senbiku 2020
Roco's Gallery Link
Senbiku's Gallery Link

We do NOT own all of the characters in these images.
Only Eevee Roco and Audino Senbiku are Original Characters of the artists.
This artpack is a pornographic parody of Pokémon species and themes.
Pokémon is owned by Nintendo and Game Freak.
Please support the official sources.
This artwork is protected by "Fair Use" and is considered Parody and unique Derivative work.
All Rights Reserved.
Do NOT redistribute or Resale.

You must be 18+ years of age to purchase this product.

Thank you for your purchase and support~!


****ORDER INFO****

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