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Massive Monsters - Halloween Artpack 2017

Image of Massive Monsters - Halloween Artpack 2017


Hallows Eve draws near,
the night when monsters prowl.
Are you screaming in fear,
or is that a lust filled howl?

Unknown Wolf is back, this time with Lucky Stallion to bring us many Hunky muscle filled treats! This time both in 2D and 3D! (and what big Ds they are!)

This Halloween features twice as much content as before!
Lots of furry men with big muscles, and the trick this time is it's sprinkled with quite a few kinks! Some vore, some hyper, some Transformation. All muscle bound and lewd studs~!

Contents include:

Guys Only (no females),
Nudity, Sex, Various Creatures including Humans
Hyper Cocks and Muscles
Soft Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Cockvore

Nothing gory or overtly grotesque. It's all pretty tame sweet kinky stuff!

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