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How To Submit a Magazine Proposal

Bellow is a guide in both how to submit a proposal to one of our magazine publications and a few more details on what we're looking for from proposed content.

Send all content proposals to our email address [email protected]  

The Subject should say: 

‘[Your Name]: [Name of Magazine] Proposal'


Roco Vailo: Consumer's Digest 2 Proposal

Proposals can be as simple or detailed as you want to make them, but we need it to feature the following:

1) A link to sample work of yours that the final content will resemble 

2) The total number of pages in the magazine you’ll be seeking to fill (currently there is a maximum of 10, and we ask that you give us a range in case we need to trim your proposed work to fit it in the ‘zine) 

3) A description of your proposed content including any potentially controversial or copyright-infringing moments (other peoples’ characters count in this category). 

You do not have to send a full script or sketch work, but the more detailed the proposal, the better idea we know what the final result will be, and the better chances it'll be chosen.

The due time for proposals will be listed on our products page with the magazine in question. (It will also be listed in our galleries)

Proposals do not need to follow a certain formatting but if your art is chosen for the magazine, then it will need to follow the bellow criteria.

For Illustrators 

the dimensions of the finished art piece must be 9 inches x 7 inches at 300 DPI. The pixel conversion is 2100 x 2700 Pixels. You can work with a higher DPI / Resolution but the minimum is 300 DPI and the dimensions must stay the same. This accounts for margin within the magazine, so you can draw up to the edge of the canvas if you so wish. If you’d like a little *page break* space, you can go about ¼” on all sides beyond this margin listed above.

For Writers 

we ask the same dimensions 9" x 7", but you’ll need to use 11pt Font, Times New Roman, Single Spaced, and in a two column format with paragraphs tabbed. If you are chosen as writer in the magazine we encourage a few art pieces to be thrown in as well, so try to leave a few blocks of space. If you do not have an artist to help you on this front, we can have one of our own do a few b/w basic sketches. 

Written work is not as popular in Magazine publishing as visual work so only one or two stories may be chosen and they will be strongly critiqued for their content (both in theme and in a grammer/spelling), their originality, and their overall quality

For both Illustrators and Writers

We highly suggest keeping the story simple, easy to follow, and getting straight to the meat of the content quickly. There's not a lot of real estate for long exposition. We also suggest that most of the art be dedicated to the theme of the magazine as that's what the buyers are looking for.

(If you wish to work on longer stories or epics we suggest proposing a publication with us! Go here for more information: [Link to come] )

All file types should be saved as uncompressed PDF, TIFF, or PNG Files. JPEG files will NOT be accepted!

Contributors to the digest will sign a licensing contract and receive a percent of sales equal to their page count and retain ownership over all the content they produce. Content is not limited to illustrated work, however due to the nature of the ‘zine it will be prioritized over purely written proposals (this should not discourage writers from sending proposed work, just know it is a more challenging proposition). 

If you'd like to view our Licensing Contract please go here: [Link to Come]

Proposed content must be previously unreleased work and we request it be kept unreleased even after the magazine is published, to your own benefit.

As a suggestion for content, remember what the central theme for the magazine is (in most cases it will be related to our Consumer's Digest publications and the theme will be Vore). This should be the centerpiece above all else. We are looking for good narration and stories as well, but it’s usually better to show, more so than talk that will eventually lead up to it.

The Alternates List & Overstuffed Collection

In the event that an Artist does now follow through with their accepted proposed work for the magazine, we will require back-up "Alternate" artists to fill in their space. But we do not want people making a completed piece and not getting anything out of it.

If your accepted on our Alternative List you will be a backup artist in the event one of the artists in the magazine drops out. If no artists drop out, your work will be distributed in the form of an ‘Overstuffed Collection' of bonus content sent to patrons who purchase the Mild and Spicy magazine bundle, digital releases only. 

Contributors featured in the Overstuffed Collection will not be paid, as this bonus content is freely distributed. However their work will be seen by a large number fans within and sometimes outside of the community, offering vast exposure. Because the work is a free bonus pack, and no royalties will be given, there will be no contract and the artist is free to use their content anyway they wish. You may even decline having your art show up in the bonus pack if you show wish.  

If the reserve list becomes large enough, it may become practical to change our plans and sell it in another magazine collection. Reserve listers can choose to leave or post their work at any time and retain ownership of their content.