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Consumers Digest Vol 2: In Space! [Digital Download]


All the vore you loved before, but this time with a little more space to let yourself go...

Our latest expedition for expansion takes us deep into the belly of the cosmos, where all sorts of fascinating and wondrous sights await- to eat. Or perhaps be eaten? It's certainly one or the other, no exceptions. The Consumers Digests are variety magazines compiling the works of many of the vore community's most talented and emerging artists, with a focus on the furry side of things. Each issue is full of original new content and each version is different: Mild and Spicy are two completely unique magazines! So embark on the mission you've been waiting for all this time... And remember to bring an spare space suit a few sizes up.

Oh, and if you buy the bundle, there might be a little extra space to explore...


Felpur Tacokurt
Agouti Rex
PWR of 3D
Susie Black Sheep

Unknown Wolf
Senbiku & Keeps
Karikkin Silly Fox
PWR of 3D
Jahan & Lapseph


Contents include:

Sexual and extreme material is kept in the Spicy magazine, while more tame scenarios are featured in Mild. The table of contents in each magazine provides every entry's specific details.

Mild Content Notices:
Oral Vore, Exotic Vore (absorption, tail, etc.), Non-Graphic Digestion, Implied Fatal Scenarios, Non-Consensual Scenarios, Transformation, Bondage, Micro/Macro & Size Play

Spicy Content Notices:
Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Cock Vore, Unbirth, Exotic Vore (absorption, tail, etc.), Hard Vore (limited), Sexual Scenarios, Digestion, Fatal Scenarios, Non-Consensual Scenarios, Non-Traditional Genders (herms & others), Transformation, Bondage, Drug Use, Muscle Inflation, Micro/Macro & Size Play

Bonus Content Notices:
Oral Vore, Tail Vore, Digestion, Fatal Scenarios, Sexual Scenarios, Micro/Macro & Size Play

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