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Final Feast

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Otters are a common site in the wild.

The Dobharchú tribe, though, is anything but common.

Blessed with a pool that revives them, and a hunger that consumes them, these otters live long and prosperous lives of peace, love, pleasure, and gluttony.

Dessy, a wondering traveler, stumbles upon the village during a ceremony where he witnesses a voracious feast unfold.

With otters being stuffed into other otters, it's only a matter of time before Dessy jumps in on the action.

But can the Tribe and the purple Chimera survive the other's hunger? Or will this be their- "Final Feast"?

All art created and copyright to Roco Vailo 2016 Roco's Gallery Link
Dessy is copyright to his player Dessy's Gallery Link


Final Feast features a number of adult related images and themes.
Such content includes:

* Male, Female, and Herm sex, both Gay and Straight: M/M, M/F, H/M
* Incest (involving Father and Son, Brother and Brother, as well as other couplings)
* Barley of age, young adults.
* Soft Vore:
- Oral & Cock Vore predominantly
* Soft Digestion (melting only. No Gore or post vore)
* Cock Transformation (CTF)
* Willing & Unwilling participants in both sex and vore
* Fatal & Non-Fatal Vore
* Reformation & Ambiguous Fates (meaning the fates of characters are left to interpretation)

There are 32 pages of content which includes 4 bonus pages of alternative ending material.


Final Feast is my biggest and first serious attempt at a comic series. It's been a project that has been delayed and taken over a year to complete, but I'm so happy to finally have it ready for you to enjoy!

It certainly is a stepping stone in stabilizing my self-employed lifestyle, so, thank you for your purchase and please, let others know about it!

If there's demand I'll certainly work on a sequel as I've got much in mind for these cute otters :9


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