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Nummy's Vore Pack Vol. V

Image of Nummy's Vore Pack Vol. V


A selection of Nummy Numz recent vore artwork.

This pack includes 40 Hi-Rez colored images, 2 PSDs plus a handful of sketches, wips, and exclusive comic pages!

This art pack is being sold at the low, low price of $5. But if you feel like you wish to give more to the artist any and all pay options above $5 go straight to them! The higher price does not include any additional art, it's simply a donation to the artist.

The artist's FurAffinity Gallery can be found here:

Nummy Numz



This content is rated Teen. The work does include fetish material but it is tame and non-sexual in nature.

The type of fetish material includes:

Soft Oral Vore / Mawshots / Internal Views


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