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Round Campus Issue 1


Hello all, and welcome to your first semester ‘Round Campus!

Rosthmund University is as prestigious as they come, with a proud history steeped in ancient tradition, however you may have noticed that our admissions have been declining in recent years due to rumors of student on student predation. While it’s true our graduation rate is lower than most universities, and our expulsion rate is best not discussed here, that only means the students that do make it through our system are leaving at the top of their food chai- erm, class. Top of their class. An education from Rosthmund is not restricted to your field of study; we take pride in teaching our attendees important survival skills that they’ll value later in life (sometimes). And our campus meal plan can not be beat. In any event, we invite you to become a part of our ever-growing student body, and we look forward to seeing you ‘Round Campus.

This 20-page debut issue contains the first 3 chapters of the 'Round Campus story, character bios, and exclusive bonus content and pin-ups.

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'Round Campus is a product of the efforts of its two collaborating creators:
(who promises he’ll post something on his account before the end of October, he swears)
(who will probably post something on their account before the end of the night, if not sooner).



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