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Unknown-Wolf's Halloween Art Pack 2014


There is a knock at your door. You open it a crack and peer out to identify the culprit, but can only discern a faint silhouette illuminated by the flickering Jack-O-Lantern outside. Tall and dark and covered in fur, with long ears, an even longer snout, and a special treat just for you… Questions race as the glint of a smile spreads across his face: Who is this unknown wolf, and what trick does he have planned for you?

Well it’s UnknownWolf, of course, and there is no trick: He’s come bearing a whole big pack of seasonal goodies just for you! 50 pages of exclusive artwork containing all the content you like: Furry men with big muscles, vore with many orifices, and large naughty bits engaged in naughty activities… You’ll be sure to have a hair-raising Halloween with this book of monsters, goblins, werewolfs, humans and the many messes they may make! And this all comes straight to you from Swallowtail at the low price of $10. You’d be lucky getting 50 pieces of candy for that deal, and we guarantee you’ll find the contents of Unny’s goodybag far sweeter. If you’re into that sort of thing, of course.

Contents include:

Guys Only (no females),
Nudity, Sex, Various Creatures including Humans
Hyper Cocks and Muscles
Soft Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Cockvore

Nothing gory or overtly grotesque. It's all pretty tame sweet kinky stuff!

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